Do you have a fantastic idea!

That is more than easy to build up a succesful project with only using the Internet as you have done before!

Do you have a fantastic idea! Do you want to write about it, and share your experiances with others who are interested about those themes like fishing, DIY, servicing the car by yourself, gardening, and so on….? Maybe you have already started, but you had to stop because you have not known the next step. You want your own online business to have some income from publishing your writing, but unfortunatelly you do not have a clue how it works!?

So, Just check out the following and we will let you know how to create your own monthly income from your publishings.

The Internet is a global market which is available for everybody. And this is the key for yourself as well: Why? Because you should publish on the Internet!

How to publish on the World Wide Web?

Create your book | Image

1. First of all create your book.

The best thing you should do is to write about something which is interesting to many people, write about useful things! If you are planning to write novels, it will not work, the Internet is not for classic literature!

Develope your sales site | image

2. Develope your sales site ( hipnotical moneymaker)

This is going to be the site where all your selling will transact. Why do I call it „hipnotic moneymaker”? Because a well created web site has the chance to bring visitors. Those people will be your potential (future) customers if you can make a good convention with the site.

TM online 2.0 | image

3. Register yourself, and order your own publising system:

TM online 2.0(eBookPublisher 2.0)

This will help you to get all your income without doing any work! It will help you to do all the administration work, from the ordering through the mails for the customers to the selling procedures. So, it will help you with everything to make your job much more professional and easy.

IDEA: Buy the free „START package”, which give you 2 autoresponders for a period of 6 months including 2500 free emails. This product is only for publishing intellectual goods, which give a big help during the producing period of your writing.

IMPORTANT! You must have the web site before you start working with this system, even if your book is not ready yet!!!

SafePublisher 1.0 | image

4. Prepare your copying saved eBook with the:

SafePublisher 1.0(eBookPublisher 2.0)

IMPORTANT: If you put your book on the web site without saving it from copying, it means that in a couple of days you might find it on one of the torrent site, where everyone can read it for free. That is not your plan I guess! That way you will never make money of your publication.

That is why the eBookPublisher 2.0 has been created to save your writings and let only those who have paid for it, read it.

5.Money on your account:

Bank account, where the money arrives.

With the eBookPublisher 2.0 we give you the chance to get earning from your writing idea!

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